First Post…

What’s up? My name is Danny Frey and I’ll be rambling on this blog for at least five times this fall semester. Expect blog posts about WIU intramurals. Leatherneck athletics and even professional sports (I somehow will try to cope with how bad the Chicago Bears will be along with the Cubs surpassing my St. Louis Cardinals).

I wear a few different hats here at Western Illinois so I won’t bore you with anything but just know that I’ve been to a lot of different football, basketball and baseball games or as I like to call them, the big three sports. I enjoy working with teams and understanding what goes on behind the scenes off the playing field because it sometimes effects the action we all see unfold.

This is a blog that is hopefully enjoyable to you as I’ll try to keep it as upbeat, energetic and enthusiastic as possible.

Thank you for your time and hopefully you’ll come back to visit this sit. If not, that’s alright.

Frey out.


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