Multimedia Story

When I had to choose what to do for this multimedia  package I had the perfect subject in mind. I conducted two interviews earlier with Kelly Sears, the head football coach at Macomb High School. He recorded a 121-90 overall record over 21 seasons as the head coach. We have bonded over the years after I started covering the Bomber football team in the fall of 2014. I would conduct weekly interviews with coach previewing the Bombers’ next game. During that time we built a rapport that I think really showed throughout the story.

Audio Story:

In my audio story, instead of doing just an interview I wanted it to seem as professional as possible so I decided to clip it up just like a package. I tried to make sure that I identified everybody in the story as clearly as possible so no one was confused since you could only hear it and not see it. I also wanted to make sure that all my audio levels were even.

Audio Slideshow: 

The audio slideshow I made is essentially a preview of the video package. I was limited in the amount of pictures I had so I tried to make the best of out of what I was given even though that did mean a few pictures staying up a little bit longer than I initially wanted.

Video Package: 

The video package is the best of the best and the component that I am the most confident in. As a broadcasting major I have been lucky enough to make a few packages before and this was a story that I did not want to mess up. Coach Sears has been really good to me over the years so I wanted to do his story justice. I made careful selection of the soundbites I picked and actually had over half an hour to 45 minutes worth of an interview to sift through.

I wanted to accurately tell his life story and make people connect to him. Coaching was his life and his passion but he did miss some valuable time with his family and that’s why now was the right time for him to step away. The footage I have is designed to match up with what is being talked about in the voice over or soundbite.

Macomb High School did eventually find  a new coach and it was Coach Sears’ assistant for two years Tony Westen. Coach Sears will be around to help Coach Westen as he takes over.


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