Multimedia Story

When I had to choose what to do for this multimedia ┬ápackage I had the perfect subject in mind. I conducted two interviews earlier with Kelly Sears, the head football coach at Macomb High School. He recorded a 121-90 overall record over 21 seasons as the head coach. We have bonded over the years after […]

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Data Visualization Project

One of my favorite restaurants is Buffalo Wild Wings so I decided to map out every location of Buffalo Wild Wings in the United States so when I travel or you travel, then you know where to go. To do this I used Google Maps because it is easy to use. All you have to […]

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What a Fun Journey

As I have posted on this blog before, I followed the Western Illinois women’s basketball team very closely as their radio broadcaster. This by far was the most fun and successful team I have ever covered. It wasn’t just the program record 26 wins, multiple awards and clutch moments. Sure, those things add to it […]

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